每年, / 2,000名捐赠者——包括女校友, 父母, 朋友, 和基金会——每年向e世博app下载捐赠. These collective contributions from our community help bridge the gap between the income we receive from tuition and the actual cost of the Marlborough experience. More importantly, they give current and future students the opportunity to 超越、梦想、创造、探索和领导.

当e世博手机登陆拥抱e世博手机登陆的扩张 学校的价值观, we want you to be able to contribute to the areas of our community that resonate most with your values too. That is why we have created new ways to give in line with our new strategic commitments around equity, 卓越, 健康, 和行动:

The Marlborough Annual Fund runs from July 1 until June 30. You may pay your pledge anytime during this period, or elect to pay in installments. To gain possible tax benefits during this tax year, donations should be made prior to December 31.